Call for Papers, Posters, and Organized Sessions

At the 2019 Annual Meeting we will explore a myriad of theoretical perspectives, practices, and political actions concerning justice and tyranny.  The plenary speakers are:

Savonala “Savi” Horne

Executive Director at Land Loss Prevention Project


Saru Jayaraman

President of Restaurant Opportunities Center United

& Director of the Food Labor Research Center

This theme is timely because many social scientists are involved in various research, curricular, and outreach initiatives nationally and internationally to understand the justice and ethics of agriculture, the food system, natural resource extraction, healthcare, government, and criminal justice to name just a few. Community-based organizations are applying the sociological imagination to bridge chasms in community and disrupt the us-versus-them mentality at the heart of tyranny. Many colleges and universities have begun offering justice programs and courses (e.g., "Environmental Justice," "Food Justice"). Let us use the 2019 meeting as an intellectually engaging space to share our stories from the field, theoretical and methodological innovations to interpret the social world, and community action to address political and socioeconomic polarization.

In addition to presentations on the meeting theme, we always invite presentations of research and engagement focused on rural people, places and themes from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives.

Abstracts: Abstracts should be approximately 350-500 words and briefly outline the purpose and theoretical framing of the paper, poster, panel, or organized session. Where appropriate, include information about methods, data, and preliminary findings. The deadline for submitting papers, posters and sessions is Friday, February 1, 2019, 11:59 pm (EST).

To submit an abstract, use this link See the Annual Meeting page of the RSS website for more information.  Contact Elizabeth Ransom, Program Chair at [email protected] or the RSS Business Office [email protected] with any questions and ideas for special events you have for the 2019 meeting.

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