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 Conner Bailey and Julie Zimmerman,  W.E.B. Du Bois and Rural Sociology

Lisa R. Priutt, With plenty of urban folds bashing rural folds and vice versa, what's the goal? - Minn Post (October 2022)


Lisa R. Priutt, Mending the Rural-Urban Rift - Westminster Town Hall Forum (October 2022)


Lisa R. Priutt, John Fetterman is Running a Test that Democrats Need to Watch (August 2022) 


Lisa R. Priutt What Republicans Know (And Democrats Don’t) About the White Working Class (June 2022)


Kelsey E. Roberts, Janet M. Wilmoth, and Shannon M. Monnat Resilience is Low Among Both Military and Non-Military Populations with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (June 2022)


Kenneth Johnson and Daniel Lichter Growing Racial Diversity in Rural America: Results from the 2020 Census (May 2022)


Claire Pendergrast and Shannon M. Monnat COVID-19 Negatively Impacted Health and Social Relationships Among Working Age Adults with Disabilities (May 2022)


Danielle C. Rhubart, Yue Sun, Claire Pendergrast, and Shannon M. Monnat Social Infrastructure (“Third Places”) Is not Equally Distributed Across the U.S. (May 2022)


Kenneth Johnson More Coffins than Cradles in 2.300 U.S. Counties: COVID’s Grim Impact (March 2022)


Shannon M. Monnat Rural Adults Report Worse COVID-19 Impacts than Urban Adults (March 2022)


Kenneth Johnson Rural America Lost Population Over the Past Decade for the First Time in History (February 2022)


Kenneth Johnson Smallest U.S. Population Growth in History: More Deaths, Fewer Births, and Less Immigration (December 2021)


Kenneth Johnson New Census Reflects Growing U.S. Population Diversity, with Children in the Forefront (October 2021)



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