Call for Papers
Rural Sociology Special Issue
Thursday, September 08, 2022 01:34 PM

Rural Sociology journal Call for Papers

 Special Issue: Indigenous Peoples and Rural Issues 

The focus of a Rural Sociology special issue planned for 2023 is Indigenous peoples and issues affecting rural populations and settings. We invite papers by Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and welcome a variety of perspectives: sociological and/or interdisciplinary approaches and methods, including Indigenous perspectives and research methods.

This special issue will be an online supplemental issue of Rural Sociology. The following general topics are of special interest:

  • Natural resource preservation/management and environmental issues
  • Individual and community health disparities: e.g., the impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous peoples and rural communities; infectious diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS; tuberculosis); chronic diseases; substance abuse; recovery/healing from a range of historical or current traumas; social determinants of Indigenous health (e.g., food insecurity; housing insecurity; poverty; access to health care)
  • Intersections between human rights doctrine, the state, and rural Indigenous peoples; human rights violations and state discrimination of rural Indigenous peoples (e.g., engaging with the relational concept or the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples)
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Children, etc.
  • Perspectives on issues and experiences related to education/schools (K-12 and higher education) serving rural Indigenous communities; culturally sustaining pedagogy.
  • Economic development and the impact of employment/opportunity structures in rural Indigenous communities
  • Indigenous contributions to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • The importance/meaning and impact of place: Community, language, history, and culture
  • The “digital divide” in rural Indigenous broadband infrastructure and access
  • Issues related to sovereignty and political exclusion of Indigenous peoples and groups; land policies and land loss
  • Other topics relevant to rural Indigenous peoples

The timeline for publication by the end of 2023 includes the following schedule:

  • Call for papers – September 2022
  • Deadline for paper abstracts (300 words) – October 15, 2022
  • Abstracts selected for special issue– October 2022
  • Information to authors about paper submission & review process – November 2022
    • Deadline for paper submissions – March 30, 2023
    • Review of papers – April/May 2023
    • Reviewer comments to authors – May/June 2023
    • Deadline for final papers – September 2023
  • Final edits and develop Intro to special issue – September/October 2023
  • Finalize special issue for publication –October/November 2023

Please submit paper abstracts to:

            Carol Ward,Editor, Rural Sociology

            [email protected]

            Subject: Abstract for Special Issue on Indigenous Peoples


Rural Sociology journal Attention: Special issue on Indigenous Peoples

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