Rural Sociology Journal

Published since 1937, RURAL SOCIOLOGY reaches an international audience of social scientists, policy makers, and agency professionals concerned with rural people, places, and problems. A forum for cutting-edge research, Rural Sociology explores sociological and interdisciplinary approaches to emerging social issues and new approaches to recurring social issues affecting rural people and places.

Rural Studies Series

The Rural Studies Series features books on a wide range of topics related to rural social issues. Of special interest are studies examining community and rural social organization, the social dimensions of agriculture, rural populations and economies, natural resources and the environment, and rural poverty and livelihood strategies.

Rural Realities

Rural Realities is a quarterly publication of the Rural Sociological Society (RSS).  Its purpose is to : (1) Provide valuable insights on the current and emerging issues impacting people and places in rural American and beyond; and (2) Offer policy and program options that might prove effective in addressing these important rural challenges and opportunities.  Articles showcased in the series draw upon high quality social sciences-based studies conducted by researchers and practitioners located within universities/colleges, government, philanthropic, and nonprofit organizations.  For more information about Rural Realities, please contact the series editor.

The Rural Sociologist

Formerly published quarterly, The Rural Sociologist, published announcements, articles, commentary and letters that were relevant to concerns of the Society. The Rural Sociologist ceased publication in 2012.  RSS moved to electronic format and we are using the eBulletin as a vehicle for sharing Society news and important information.

RSS eBulletin 


Editorial Positions


Stephen G. Sapp, Iowa State University (

Statistical Editor:

David Peters, Iowa State University

Associate Editor:

Carmen Bain, Iowa State University

Managing Editor: 

Meaghan McDonnell

Book Review Editor:

Jeremy Flaherty

Editorial Board:

Jessica Crowe, Southern Illinois University

Sarah Dewees, First Nations Development Institute

Mary Grigsby, University of Missouri

Glenn Israel, University of Florida

Laszlo J. Kulcsar, Kansas State University

A. E. Luloff, The Pennsylvania State University

Marta Maria Maldonado, Iowa State University

Diane McLaughlin, The Pennsylvania State University

Peggy Petrzelka, Utah State University

Laura T. Raynolds, Colorado State University

Kai Schafft, The Pennsylvania State University

Leah Schmalzbauer, Amherst College

Richard C. Stedman, Cornell University

Tony Winson, University of Guelph

Editor & Chair of Editorial Board:

Mary Emery (2011- ?)

Deputy Editors:

Michael Gertler, U of Saskatchewan

A. E. Luloff, Pennsylvania State U

Keith Moore, Virginia Polytech I & State U

Peggy Petrzelka, Utah State U

Wynne Wright, Michigan State U

Julie Zimmerman, U of Kentucky