International Rural Sociology Association
International Sociological Association
European Rural Sociological Society

National Organizations

American Sociological Association
Latin American Studies Association – Rural Studies Section
Society for Applied Sociology
Association of Black Sociologists
Association for Humanist Sociology
Sociological Practice and Public Association
National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP)

Regional Organizations

Southern Rural Sociological Association
Mid-South Sociological Association
Southern Sociological Society
Pacific Sociological Association
Midwest Sociological Society
North Central Sociological Association
Eastern Sociological Association
Great Plains Sociological Association
Southwestern Sociological Association

Multidisciplinary and Related Groups and Associations

National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS)
Appalachian Studies Association
National Women’s Studies Association
Society for the Study of Social Problems
Rural Social Work Caucus (National Association of Social Work)
National Council on Family Relations
National Rural Education Association
National Rural Health Association
Community Development Society
American Anthropological Association
African Studies Association
National Association for Ethnic Studies
American Political Science Association
The Association for Jewish Studies (includes links to regional associations)
Middle East Studies Association
Western Regional Science Association
Regional Science Association International
Association for the Study of Food and Society
ISA Research Committee (RC-40): Sociology of Agriculture and Food
Sociologists for Women in Society
Rural Women Studies Association 

Other Rural Links

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) was established in 1989 to contribute to the revitalization and sustainability of rural Canada through collaborative research for rural leaders in the community, private sector, and in all levels of government. CRRF works to create credible insights and to improve our understanding of issues and opportunities that are of common interest to rural residents across Canada. Knowledge and better understanding are the fundamental pillars for the welfare of rural communities and environments.  Click here for their newsletter.

The National Rural Network

The mission of National Rural Network (NRN) is to create awareness and understanding of those public policies which enhance the viability of Rural America. The NRN represents the breadth of non governmental organizations whose constituencies comprise an emergent new rural reality. This coalition will be recognized as the preeminent national stakeholder community in addressing these broad based concerns, challenges and opportunities.

National Association of Counties (NACo) Rural Action Caucus

NACo’s Rural Action Caucus is a catalyst for improving the quality of life in rural America. To accomplish this, the Rural Action Caucus: Identifies critical problems facing rural counties; Provides input in developing national programs and policies; Advocates for rural-friendly policies at the congressional level; Provides rural county commissioners with a Rural Development Clearinghouse consisting of success stories from rural America on a range of issues; Builds coalitions with other pertinent partners that serve rural constituencies and to improve the lives of rural citizens living in rural America; Works with the Congressional Rural Caucus, federal agencies, the media and the public, to create a better understanding of how existing and proposed policies affect rural counties and communities; Works in concert with NACo’s Large Urban County Caucus to develop policies that improve service delivery for both rural and urban citizens.

Rural Policy Research Institute

The Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) conducts policy-relevant research and facilitates public dialogue to assist policymakers in understanding the rural impacts of public policies and programs.

Rural Assistance Center

The Rural Assistance Center (RAC) is a new national resource on rural health and human services information. Our information specialists are available to provide customized assistance, such as web and database searches on rural topics and funding resources, linking users to organizations, and furnishing relevant publications from the RAC resource library.

Rural Information Center

The Rural Information Center (RIC) provides information and referral services for rural communities, officials, organizations and citizens.

80-55 Coalition

The 80-55 Coalition is a growing nonpartisan group of advocacy, policy and research organizations dedicated to strengthening rural America. Together, we work toward educating policy makers and key decision-makers on rural issues to ensure economic prosperity, increased cultural and social contributions, and the preservation of open spaces that intrinsically define “rural.”

Rural Development Centers - North America

Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis
North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development
Southern Rural Development Center
Western Rural Development Center