Committee Category

Ethics Committee

The Rural Sociological Society’s (RSS’s) Ethics Committee created the Code of Ethics which sets forth the principles and ethical standards that underlie RSS members’ professional responsibilities and conduct. These principles and standards should be used as guidelines when examining everyday professional activities. They constitute normative statements for RSS members and provide guidance on issues that RSS members may encounter in their professional work.


Awards and Endowment

The Awards and Endowment Committee shall organize and implement the Society's efforts to recognize and honor those persons whose diverse efforts have enhanced the field of rural sociology and/or improved the conditions of rural people and places.  The Society supports scholarship and practice to improve the quality of rural life through the distribution of funds from the Endowment.

For directions on how to make nominations for RSS Awards, click here.


Publications Committee

The Publications Committee supervises the publication of the official journal, as well as any other publications sponsored by the Society.  Editors of various publications (except the membership directory) are selected by the Committee, subject to the approval of the council.  The Society publishes Rural Sociology, the official journal of the RSS, and The Rural Sociologist, the quarterly newsletter.


Program Committee

The Program Committee plans the program of events at the annual meeting.


Nomination Committee 

The Nomination Committee acts as an independent body from the Council and shortlists candidates for the carious offices and requests nominees from the membership.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assumes leadership in recruiting and in retaining members.  It may also recommend measures to the council for improving cohesiveness, morale and sense of involvement of members in the Society. 


Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee oversees the efforts that will increase participation and development of under represented individuals and social categories within the Society.  It recommends programs and policies to the council that affect diversity in the Society.

SAVE THE DATE – Tuesday, September 29 and Friday, November 6!

The Diversity Committee is Seeking RSS Members to Participate in Two Workshops

Dear RSS members,

As part of our ongoing work, the Diversity Committee has made multiple recommendations to the RSS Executive Council to institute structural changes that promote equality and racial justice in the Society. One such recommendation is to develop a Diversity Mission Statement through a collaborative and deliberative process with RSS members. Therefore, the Diversity Committee would like to extend an invitation to RSS members to participate in two virtual workshops to develop a Diversity Mission Statement.

The first workshop will be held on Tuesday, September 29 at 11:00am-12:00pm (EST). The second workshop will be held on Friday, November 6 at 11:00am-12:00pm (EST). The first workshop will serve as a space for sharing initial ideas, while the second workshop will involve finalizing language for the statement.

We hope that these two workshops will provide an opportunity for RSS members to discuss ideas that are important to the Society. Particularly since the annual meeting was cancelled this year, we additionally hope that these workshops create a space for intellectual exchange among members.

More information will follow as the date for the first workshop approaches. In the meantime, please feel free to email Ian Carrillo if you have any questions ([email protected]).


Development Committee

The Development Committee is concerned with the status and development of the profession of rural sociology in the areas of teaching, research and extension.  It conducts studies and deliberations as directed by the council; and may also make independent recommendations to the council for the good of the society.