Research and Interest Groups (RIGs)

What are Research and Interest Groups? Research and Interest Groups (RIGs) reflect the substantive interests of RSS Members and serve as an important avenue for connecting members with similar interests.  RIGs serve a critical role in RSS including identifying, developing, and recruiting for the annual RSS conference; planning special events, speakers, and field trips for the annual conference; providing intellectual leadership in their respective areas; rewarding achievement through internal awards and recognitions; and creating opportunities for members, particularly graduate students, to network and identify colleagues with similar interests. 

To find out more about each RSS Research and Interest Group (RIG) simply click on the title below or contact the leader of the RIG. If you are interested in proposing a new RIG and know at least 6 RSS members who share your interests, contact the current Vice President with your idea.  Stephanie Teixeria-Poit is the 2023-2024 VP and her e-mail address is: [email protected]


Click on the RIG's title for more information.  Click here for information about RIG dues. Click here for information on the RIG Manual. 


RIG Name Chairs Title Emails
Applied and Extension Keia Jones  Chair [email protected] 
  Shriya Rangarajan Chair-Elect [email protected]; [email protected]
Community, Health, and Family Minh Anh Ly Co-Chair [email protected] 
  KC Vick Co-Chair [email protected] 
Natural Resources Tom Mueller Co-Chair [email protected]
  John Zinda Co-Chair [email protected]
  Nicholas Demerly Student Chair [email protected]
Population Samuel Mindes Chair [email protected]
Gender and Sexualities Jean Bohaczek  Chair [email protected]
  Hazel Valasco Palacios Student Chair [email protected]
International Development and Studies Fridah Mubichi-Kut  Co-Chair [email protected]  
  Djeynaba Ba  Co-Chair [email protected] 
Rural Policy Jihyun Shin Chair [email protected]
  Kayleigh Ward  Chair-Elect [email protected]
Rural Poverty Ryan Thomson Chair [email protected]
  Kristina Brant Chair-Elect [email protected] 
Rural Law and Justice Research Lisa Pruitt Co-Chair [email protected]
  Ann Eisenberg Co-Chair [email protected]
Rural Race and Ethnicity Morgan Montanez Chair [email protected]
The Elders Douglas H. Constance Chair [email protected]
  Stephen Gasteyer Chair-Elect [email protected]  
Sociology of Agriculture and Food (SAFRIG) Kelli Russell Chair [email protected]
  Emily Southard Co-Chair Elect [email protected]
  Chris Morris Co-Chair Elect [email protected]
Teaching and Curriculum Anadil Iftekhar Co-Chair [email protected]
  Michael Branch Co-Chair [email protected]
Youth, Education, and Rural Vitality Julia Miller  Co-Chair [email protected]