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Mission Statement:

The Community, Family and Health Research Interest Group is a multidisciplinary community of scholars interested in engaging in the open exchange of ideas, collaborative research, and promoting teaching with the principal objectives of improving the quality of life of rural communities, both domestic and international.

RIG members are devoted to developing innovative research methods and theories in the study of such topics as community attachment and satisfaction, social change and development, the sociological study of the family, and population health and well-being in rural communities can endeavor to gain a more advantageous position in an increasingly urban world. 

We are also sponsors of the Ronald Wimberley undergraduate and graduate student paper competition and the Ralph Brown faculty paper competition each year.  Awards are made at our Business Meeting held in conjunction with the RSS annual meeting each year.


Co-Chair: Karen Hayden
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Co-Chair: Karl Jicha
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Co-Chair: Michael Cope
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The Community, Health and Family RIG holds two paper competitions each year.  Awards are made at the RIG Business Meeting at the RSS Annual Meeting.